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Scam Alert !!!

If any PC Support Company calls you telling that your computer has notified Microsoft and it has a virus as well..IT IS SCAM !!!

Check for Order PIN

This is not possible for the average business and/or consumer. Never take call from a firm that does not have a support PIN like we have issued."

Don't deal under the table

Never send money to a techincal support or PC Support Company via Western Union or Money Gram as these are SCAMS !!!

Virus Alerts !!!

If your computers browser lands on a page that says "You have a virus" and you need to call an 800# to have it removed, this is a SCAM !!!

FREE SUPPORT !!! will fix this issue for you for FREE !!!....If it turns out to be a "Poison Ad" and we can remove it from your computer.

We are here to HELP !!!

We are here to help you resolve your personal and business computer issues at an affordable prices.

Instant Support

Anytime, anywhere remote technical help
for your computers and the peripheral products

Expert TechSupport

When your computer, softwares, or digital devices
give you trouble, get expert tech support fast

PC Optimizer

Make your PC run like new and enjoy
the best protection from security threats

I-Fix Tech Support is a leading and trustworthy technical support company which delivers support services to millions of customers globally available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia. We are the best option available for users to fix any kind of problem related to computing, communication devices and software.

I-Fix Tech Support have a team of Certified Technicians who will help you to troubleshoot all your computers and related issues. We offer technical solutions for various problems related to computers and the peripheral products like printers, Scanners, MP3 Players and Networking. We aim to provide first call resolution and 100% customer satisfaction with our technical support services.

Call 1-972-591-8370 for Instant Tech Support NOW!

We're committed to helping you resolve computer problems quickly and reliably. Our certified technicians are just a phone call away.

Diagnosis & Repair

The one stop complete diagnostic & repair station for your computer and connected devices. We will fix anything for you!

Speed Optimization

Is speed of your PC driving you nut crazy?
Make your PC run like new and enjoy
its speed

Security & Internet

IS your personal information and financial details are safe? I-Fix offers the services expert computer security consultants.

Setup & Install

Set up networks, printers, phones and other devices.Codered Tech Support makes installation easy for you.

Data Recovery

Data disappearing? Crashed drive? We also offer backup and data recovery services for an extra measure of protection for your sensitive data

Virus Removal

Online threats, viruses, hackers! Isn't your head spinning already? I-Fix Support will take care of optimizing your security infrastructure.

How it works...

I-Fix Tech Support keeps your computer systems smooth, stable, and secure!

Call 1-972-591-8370 Toll Free

Whenever you need computer support,just give us a
call to our toll-free number. Speak to one of our
certified support technicians about your computer problem.

Remote Access

I-Fix Tech Support is an independent provider of remote access. Our certified technicians connect to your machine remotely.

Fixed ! Fast and Easy

Your computer problem is fixed instantly. Enjoy using your problem-free computer once again.


"I have got to hand it to your repair guys...Your computer tech support is absolutely "outstanding." The quick response and pinpoint solution to my server problem was resolved quickly and accurately. Great Job done by Support Team!!"


"Quick, highly efficient and cost-effective computer repair service brought to you by really experienced, nice people. What else could a customer ask for?" The Way of service which is given by your team is fantastic. Thank you so much I-Fix Support.


Subscribing to iFix-Web technical support plan was the best decision. They not just help in problems related to viruses and spyware but they also helped us with printer related problems. They are single solution to all our computer problems.


Thanks to iFix, I don't have to keep away my gadgets till it gets fixed. It is so simple for them to share my computer screen and fixed it. online tech support is fast, easy and cheap.

Just select the service that fits your needs and leave the rest to us.

SILVER / Single PC Plan

Just $149 One Time Payment

Call us 1-972-591-8370 Toll Free 24X7.

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Recurring Plan

Just $19.99 per month

Call us 1-972-591-8370 Toll Free 24X7.

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GOLD PRO / Multiple PC Plan

Just $349 One Time Payment

Call us 1-972-591-8370 Toll Free 24X7.

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