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I-Fix Computer Optimization Service

No one wants a slow computer since PCs have become the most important part of your home or office work nowadays. The reasons for your computer’s irregular behavior could vary from processor slow-downs to gradual degradation.

When you want total satisfaction from your computer, let PC Optimizer fix things for you. I-Fix Tech Support's engineers will use a remote, ultra-secure connection to eliminate errors and optimize your software.

Our I-Fix tech experts use the latest tools and software’s to repair your personal computer. After identifying your computer, our Tech Experts do a proper repair of your system which cleans your Personal computer and makes it absolutely easy for you to use it.

I-Fix Scope of Service:

System cleanup Disable unwanted startup programs Fix the invalid/fake registry entries & improve registry efficiency Defragment hard disk and reorganize the scattered data Remove unnecessary programs and junk files Update software and drivers to latest versions Install missing critical updates and security patches Update existing antispyware and antivirus definitions and software Clear out temporary files Clear out start-up files Remove other unwanted files to free hard drive space Schedule automated tasks like hard-drive scanning and defragmenter

I-Fix Experts Cleaning the system of any spyware or malware is done by means of antimalware and antispyware with the latest updates. Most recent changes in the software systems for the purpose of computer optimization can be brought in, so that people can work smoothly, without interruptions in their computers.

Codred Expert Support For :

Blue and Black Screens Blue Screens & Errors Virus & Malware Removal Startup & Boot Problems Wifi Setup / Support Network Setup / Support Printer Setup / Support Malware & Spyware Removal Antivirus Setup Firewall & Security Setup Internet Connections & Setup Problems with Drivers


"I have got to hand it to your repair guys...Your computer tech support is absolutely "outstanding." The quick response and pinpoint solution to my server problem was resolved quickly and accurately. Great Job done by Support Team!!"


"Quick, highly efficient and cost-effective computer repair service brought to you by really experienced, nice people. What else could a customer ask for?" The Way of service which is given by your team is fantastic. Thank you so much I-Fix Support.


Subscribing to iFix-Web technical support plan was the best decision. They not just help in problems related to viruses and spyware but they also helped us with printer related problems. They are single solution to all our computer problems.


Thanks to iFix, I don't have to keep away my gadgets till it gets fixed. It is so simple for them to share my computer screen and fixed it. online tech support is fast, easy and cheap.

Just select the service that fits your needs and leave the rest to us.

SILVER / Single PC Plan

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Recurring Plan

Just $19.99 per month

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GOLD PRO / Multiple PC Plan

Just $349 One Time Payment

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